What Makes a Rug Last?

Rugs are an essential piece of home décor. Without it, your room has an emptiness and only minimal aesthetic presence. Here are some advisory tips on getting your rug in order, which materials are long-lasting, and how best to improve the lifespan of your rugs. 

Rug material and how its durability is impacted by where its placed

Wool- Wool is a popular option. The majority of homeowners seek out wool rugs over any other material when first pursuing different pieces. It’s one of the easier materials to remove stains from, insulates well, and is a fit for most different rooms (kitchens, living rooms, hallways, etc.). However, you’ll want to avoid keeping your rug outside. Humidity and high condensation of the outdoors will often impact the general wear and tear of these materials. 

Cotton - Highly affordable option that most families and homes can get acquainted with right away. They shouldn’t be used in the denser traffic areas as much, but they can make it work depending on what you expect of your home’s daily travel.

Hide and other animal materials - These should be treated with caution. You cannot expect these to last very long without intensive care and minimal foot traffic. These are perfect for office spaces that aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures or a high volume of traffic.

How does the material complement the rest of the room?

Having the right material and color for your piece will play a major role in how the piece is received. Without a good complement of colors, the room will still fall flat in a visual sense. You may feel comfortable that there’s less open space, but that still can be a diminishing factor when the right color tones are not utilized. 

Color schemes - Scheming for the right colors to fit your room will take a bit of work on your end from a design perspective. With this added perspective and attention, you can expect the right material choice to almost feel natural to you or as if it just “makes sense.” Otherwise, professional assistance is always available too for a bit of home décor advising. 

Synthetic rugs - Mostly plastic material, these are easy visual additions to the room. They may not be the most high-quality class of material, but they get the job done if you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

In any case, there are a ton of precise details that need to be taken into account in order for you to feel really at home with the rugs of your choice. Take a look at our gallery and options to seek out those ideas!

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