What Do I Need to Repair My Rug?

Repairing your rug can be difficult but necessary for homeowners. Taking the time to ensure that it's handled with care and attuned to the right quality of material preparation is absolutely necessary. Especially if the piece is antique or has been specially embroidered with a fine material, you'll need to take a few added precautions as well. Here are some tips on amending any damage on your rug, as well as cleaning it well to avoid needing repairs. 


What kind of damage should I be on the lookout for?


Staining is common of course, but there’s a wide variety of other damages that can come up if your rug is getting up in age. Here are a few signs to lookout for.



Pets tearing up the rug- If your area rug is damaged by pets consistently or rests in an entryway, the high foot traffic will cause material to crease up and damage more easily. You’ll have this happen commonly with dogs and other pets, as well as whenever you have company over for events or anything work related.



Chemical damage - Chemical damage will come when improper cleaning materials harm the foundation of the rug. Avoid this by diving deep into what the rug is made of beforehand and taking a look at which chemicals harm that material most easily. Without this information, you’ll be cleaning blindly based on what may work for other similar furniture.



Binding damage- Binding can be redone by the homeowner fairly easily. It takes a few materials from a common hardware store and a bit of elbow grease to tidy up. However, if the structural integrity of the rest of the rug is threatened, tread carefully on amending any binding damage without experience. Should it be a less important rug that you feel comfortable practicing, perhaps you should take that risk. However, if it’s an antique that you really want to be handled carefully, seek out professional assistance.



Embroidered material damage- Embroidered material needs extra attention because it likely is more fallible to common cleaning chemicals. If you did it yourself, you’ll be more familiar with how the material is best cared for. 

Any further needs for your rug


If you have any questions about your rug or are seeking to find new accents to your home, take a look at our site today. From there, you’ll find all kinds of woven works to suit the right aesthetic appeal for your home.


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