Rug Cleaning

Oriental and Persian Rugs are the centerpieces of art in your house, yet they stand the most wear over time. Foot traffic, staining, and even pet accidents. To keep the value of your art piece as it will stand the test of time and become antique, you need to maintain and service it at least once every other year. It is a tradition in Persian culture to clean and repair their rugs prior to Norooz (Persian New Year) every year to bring Persian rug back to their original beauty.

Your rug is a piece of art and needs to be maintained by a professional and expert rug cleaning company, that has years of experience in oriental rug cleaning.


How do you clean an oriental rug? There are several steps that need to be taken to avoid damage.


It is a crucial step for cleaning oriental carpets. All the dust and soil that has penetrated the rug through the years must be taken out without damaging the fibers. There are several methods that can be applied, based on the material that has been used on the rug. Each rug has to be examined by an expert to determine which method is suitable.

Woven Passion Cleaning - Dusting


Professional rug cleaning companies use organic cleaners to avoid discoloration, damage to fiber, and health hazards.

Woven Passion - Cleaning - Washing

Woven Passion - Cleaning - Washing Rugs

Woven Passion Rugs - Cleaning - Washing

Woven Passion Rugs - Cleaning - Deep Clean Rug


It is a sensitive and slow process that needs to be done at room temperature and indirect sunlight. To avoid deformation, oriental rugs need to be hung.

Woven Passion Rugs - Cleaning - Drying


To bring back the original beauty of the rug, it has to be brushed or occasionally shaved by an expert.

Woven Passion Rugs - Cleaning - Brushing rugs


We take special care to roll and pack your valuable rug to be sure that will not be damaged during delivery.

Woven Passion Rugs - Cleaning - Delivery

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