Rug Repairs & restoration

Restoring and repairing antique oriental carpets is our passion. After we restore the rug, you will cherish your rug and hand it to the next generation. We take pride in preserving these pieces of woven art. Oriental rugs are made to last forever. However, it is crucial to maintain and repair the damages which can result from foot traffic, water damage, pet urine, staining, and wear & tear. Early attention to a damaged area not only will save you money but will also ensure the longevity of your rug. To avoid losing the value of your oriental or Persian rugs, you should immediately contact a professional rug repair company.

The repair and restoration of antique oriental rugs is truly one of our greatest passions. We take pride in putting beauty back into a work of woven art and restore it’s beauty and make it last for generations to come. Our master weavers are specializing in the repair & restoration of antique oriental rugs.  Our artist will carefully replace the damaged area of your rug and reweave it to recreate the original design of your oriental rug.

We offer free quote for your Persian rug repair and restoration, Please email us at a few detailed pictures of your carpet including a close up on the front and back of the area(s) in question. Or call (323) 935-0726 and schedule an appointment. Within 24 hours after we receive the pictures, we will contact you and suggest the best rug repair option(s) for your Persian or other oriental rug. When it comes to selecting the best rug repair option(s) we take into consideration everything from the value of the carpet before and after the repair, the artistic improvements, the longevity and stability of the oriental rug to preserving the originality and character of the rug.



One of the most common Persian rug restoration are the sides & ends which will secure unraveling of your rug. This process will preserve a fragile, worn carpet to a work of woven art.

Woven Passion Rug Repair & Restoration


Repairing oriental rug holes are our expertise. First step to repair oriental rug is to rebuild the fringes. If the skeleton” onto which the design is woven is not constructed properly, the repair will be obvious and devalued the value of the rug. The second step is to reweave the area to match as the rug was originally woven. At this stage our master weaver matches the color of the wool precisely to original colors. Then, the area is shaved down to match the pile height of the rest of the oriental rug.

 Woven Passion Rug Repair & Restoration Woven Passion Rug Repair & Restoration


Moth damages in oriental rug is to the wool pile as moth likes to consume organic vegetable dyed wool. Since the foundations of most rugs are cotton or silk, therefore the cost of repair is relatively less. Our experience weavers recreate the pile to original condition and restore it to initial beauty.

Woven Passion Rug Repair & Restoration


Over time, rugs can become worn and frayed. Our experienced rug repair department can hand wrap yarn to the edge of your rug to extend the life of your rug.


Stitching applied by hand, which prevents the ends from unraveling, is the most natural way of securing the ends of your rug.


We can replace worn out fringe on your rug with new hand-tied fringe or hand sew ready-made fringe. If hand repair is not appropriate for your rug we can sew a fringe on by machine. We stock numerous ready-made fringes in a variety of colors and materials.


When rugs become damaged from an unfortunate event, such as a pet chewing a hole, we have the ability to reweave your rug. In some cases, reweaving is not the only option. We can also patch your rug using Oriental rug material that we have available.


Woven Passion uses the finest materials available when binding and serging rugs. When binding a rug, we first reinforce the edge with a tape and latex strip for greater durability, then we color match the binding tape from our wide selection of widths and colors, and finally sew the tape to the rug with our specialized machine for a finished edge. Serging is another popular way to finish a rug or carpet. This process involves continuously wrapping the rug edge with yarn for a secure and durable finish. We typically use wool or cotton, available in a wide variety of colors. Every rug edge is reinforced prior to serging for a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

To get a free rug repair quote, please contact us by email at or call 323.935.0726.