Avoiding Rug Damage: How to Maintain Your Rug Best

Rug's can be beautiful centerpieces that bring a room together. Adding that second level of vibrancy or secondary colors are a great addition to any room, but they do need special attention in order to maintain that first-day level of quality. Here are some tips on identifying rug damage, as well as doing upkeep on your own.


Foot Traffic Volume


If your rug is in an area that most of the household uses, or in the entryway of your business, upkeep should be given more attention. Heavy foot traffic will cause the rug to fray and pull up on the edges, which leads to the rug as a whole looking shabbier with minimized value to the room. An easy fix for this is cleaning it regularly, as well as attaching a rug pad. Padding underneath the rug to make it more difficult for the rug to slide around or get frayed is always a great method. Once you start paying attention to this kind of traffic, you’ll see the quality of the rug maintained much more easily. Most of upkeep is just being aware of the issues faced and volume of traffic. 


Outdoor area rugs


If your rug is exposed to the outdoors, or borders an entryway with the outside, there’s a great deal more to be aware of. Mud, bacteria, and outside debris can easily track into the house or business, which is why an entry mat is recommended. This will give guests and any outsiders reason to wipe their feet and be more careful around the rug. 


Not all businesses or homes adopt this policy, but a no-shoes policy is a great way to avoid damage as well. This does cast a more casual light over the business in some cases, but most wouldn’t see much of a change adopting this policy. 






Pets impact your rug heavily. Obviously, they are unaware of rules and are easily distracted. If they track in mud and other debris from the outside, there’s little you can do about them repeating the behavior. Do your best to avoid leaving the rug in an open space for them to walk over consistently. Otherwise, less valuable rugs that you don’t care for as much should be used in those higher volume areas.


Keep the rug away from eating areas



This may seem like a no-brainer, but food shouldn’t be eaten on or around the rug. Spillage causes the majority of long term damage, especially with wines, sauces, and other drinks that are prone to staining.


Overall, rug upkeep can be frustrating, which is why we’re here to help. If you have any questions about upkeep for your rug, give us a call today. We can make sure that your rug is being maintained properly, and answer any questions about what you feel you may need to do on your end.

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