Indoor vs Outdoor Rugs: What to Know

Outdoor Rugs


Why have an outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs serve the purpose of bringing a patio area together, can be visually pleasing and comforting, while also sustaining a sense of class and pristine value. They also function to keep the material on the patio/deck protected from some of the elements when outside for an extended period.


The chosen material and pattern can go a long way as well into giving guests in your home or workplace the right impression, and having custom fitting for the size of the outdoor area is also recommended in order to not overextend or underperform.


They often mesh well with wooden, platformed patios that have a community area neighboring a barbecue or fire pit. Be sure to keep it a safe distance from any flammable outdoor materials as well.


Which styles is best suited for outdoor rugs?


More often than not, contemporary styles are more custom fit for the outdoor setting of most homes in warmer clients. Tribal is another that has become more recently popular in modern aesthetic homes, often utilizing a more muted color pallet.


Traditional can be effective as a choice as well, it just meshes with fewer materials in an aesthetic sense. Either choice will be easily maintainable and sustain the visual experience desired for guests when entering a home or workplace outdoor event.



How should I store my outdoor rug?

If you intend to leave your rug out year round, keeping it safe from the elements will be a crucial part of maintaining durability and quality visual appearance. Often synthetic, outdoor rugs are naturally fitted to be resistant to weather anyway, it can’t hurt though to have a quick space for it to be rolled up when out of use. 


Keeping them clean can be fairly easy depending on the chosen material, and the volume of outdoor traffic. They also operate as a safety precaution for maintaining the material of the deck/patio long term, which is a great reason to have the rug custom fitted to your outdoor area.


Why not just use an indoor rug?


An indoor rug can be used in a pinch for one evening or an event, but it’s not advised to use long term due to the material used for the piece to be subject to only indoor elements. General wear and tare can of course be expected, there’s only minimal protection from rain and substantial heat, however.


Find a time in your schedule to set up an appointment, and we can provide the right rug for the job as soon as possible.

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