16th Century Tapestry of Brussels Judgment of Paris: Courtesy to Trades

16th Century Tapestry of Brussels Judgment of Paris - Woven Passion Rugs

A Brussels Mythological Tapestry of the Judgment of Paris late 16th Century. The goddesses Minerva, Juno and Venus to the left and Paris seated to the right, the gods feasting in a cloud bank above, within sumptuous fruiting and flowering border interspersed with animals, goats' heads at the bases of the flanking columns. The present Brussels tapestry relates to a Florentine series of four subjects depicting the Triumph of Venus, originally woven for the Grand Duke Francesco de Medici by Benedetto Squilli in 1583 after cartoons by Alessandro Allori. The original cartoon of the first subject is preserved in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

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