Carmel Wool Antique Tabriz Rug - Woven Passion Rugs

Antique Tabriz Rug

Our Antique Persian rugs offer an exciting glimpse into the generational craftsmanship and brilliantly intrinsic beauty of Persian rugs and floor coverings.

With a varying array of design patterns and images, Antique Persian rugs are broadly classified as urban rugs or village rugs. Antique Persian rugs use the Persian knot to create a small, tight weave that is repeated according to the design patterns.

  • Rug Number: 1102
  • Size: 11'4" X 16'0"
  • Design Reference: Tabriz
  • Collection: Antique
  • Style: Persian
  • Color: Caramel
  • Content: Wool
  • Weave Construction: 100 % Handmade
  • Origin: Iran
  • Custom Capabilities: New & Re-Creation

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