4 Ways To Pull Your Room Together With a Rug


When it comes to choosing pieces for the interior design of each respective room in the home, rugs are sometimes deemed as an outdated afterthought. And when people do shop for rugs, they rarely put as much care and thought into the decision-making process of these pieces as they do centerpieces such as dining sets or couches. On top of that, rugs are typically chosen based on their price and durability, as opposed to their style or artistry (of which there are many beautiful options out there).

However, interior designers today are making it a point to remind homemakers and people who generally care about their home’s furnishings that choosing a rug for a room is not only important, but key to creating a cohesive statement.

Here are 4 tips for buying the perfect rug for your home:

1. Go Colorful, Go Bold

When designing a room, you might feel inclined to add bold colors to your walls via paint or unique wallpaper. However, the downside to this is that when you grow tired of the color of your walls in the future and would like to revamp the entire room’s design, it’s a hassle to throw on those painting overalls and bring out the ladder and paintbrushes for your painting project.

On the other hand, rolling out a beautifully bold rug not only adds a more sophisticated and understated accent to the room, but also offers much more convenience if you choose to switch things up design-wise in the future.

2. Change Up Your Flooring With a Room-Sized Rug

Whether your current floors are looking a little dingy and outdated, or the current color is far from complementary to the rest of your room’s decor, furnishing your room with a large rug from corner to corner of your room is a quick and easy fix.

3. Cozy It Up With Layered Rugs

Want to add some warm dimension on your current carpeting or a large neutral rug? Then add a layer via an accented or otherwise complementary rug to cozy up your room.

4. Create Some Contrast

This tip might sound rather counterintuitive, however, furnishing a light-colored rug against dark flooring can make a bold statement in an understated way (yes we know, this statement sounds contradictory— but trust us on this one). The contrast between the textures and colors look great against a smooth, dark flooring beneath.

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